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The Biofeedback Foundation of Europe (heretofore referred to as the BFE, the Foundation) understands the importance of personal information and its privacy. The BFE is committed to honoring your privacy, and to offering special protections for any personal information you choose to share with us. Our privacy policy describes what information we collect about you, what uses we may make of it, and what precautions we take against unauthorized access or use of your information.

Continuing Education Online
When using our site to register for a Continuing Medical Education (CME) or a Continuing Education (CE) activity, we collect certain personally identifiable information such as names, e-mail addresses, and mailing addresses. We do not collect aggregated non-personally identifiable information about the activities undertaken by our users. The information that we do collect, however, may be used for various purposes:

  • As an accredited entity, the BFE is required periodically to submit data about CE participants and the CE activities we certify. These reports may include personally identifiable about you and the credits issued to you (name, etc) for the purpose of maintaining records that you can request from the accredited provider for up to (3) years;
  • The BFE administrators will have access to files containing personally identifiable information, including evaluation forms. These files can be accessed in order to respond to your questions or comments. Our administrators may also use personally identifiable information, including registration information and evaluation data, in assessing educational needs;
  • We may use the information we collect as otherwise permitted in this Privacy Policy.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are a technology used by websites to identify a user as the user moves through the website. The BFE considers the use of cookies and corresponds with our internet provider to ensure the correct use of this technology. The BFE International Website does not use cookies. There are differences in the way that cookies are used by the BFE International Website and the BFE Shop.

Uses of Information
In this section of our privacy policy, we identify the ways we may use information about you that we have collected.

Aggregate Data
We do not create or collect aggregate data about our users.

Third Parties
We may contract with other companies and individuals to help us provide services: for example, we may host some of our websites on another company’s computers or hire technical consultants to assist with web-based tools. In order to perform their jobs, these companies and individuals have no access to any of the personal information we maintain about our users. We require all such companies to comply with the terms of our privacy policies. We use our best efforts to negate the use of other companies in areas where personally identifiable information may be involved.

If we discover that a third party inadvertently accessed personal information about any of our customers, we will take immediate action to prevent further occurrences.

Protection of Information

General Policies
We have implemented security policies, rules and other measures to protect the personal data under our control from unauthorized access, improper use, alteration, unlawful or accidental destruction, and accidental loss. We also protect your information by requiring that all our employees and others who have access to or are associated with the processing of your data respect your confidentiality.

Storage of Information
Data centers are physically secure and protected from unauthorized access by unauthorized persons. Physical access to the servers requires individual authorization and authentication. Information in our data centers is backed up routinely, in order to aid in the recovery of information in the event of accidental damage of information of due to a natural disaster. The backup media is stored in a physically secure storage facility.

Privacy Questions & Concerns
For privacy questions or concerns about the BFE website and shop, please contact webmaster@bfe.org. For more information concerning the Continuing Education Online Courses, please contact education@bfe.org.