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The statement against any form of discrimination is outlined in the general guideline manual for the BFE, and stands at the core of the foundation’s message. Education counters ignorance and fosters cooperation, and all courses are held in an environment of positive collaboration and respect. Please see the attached document. Our CE programs are designed to render information and education more accessible; thus, the use of the Internet and web-based technologies virtually eliminates prior barriers caused by geographic distance. As participants from over the world meet online, they are held to the BFE’s statement of mutual and equal respect. Similarly, as we offer courses in a plurality of languages, thorough and proper translation of texts is required in order to maintain a uniformity of content and universality.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines provide an international set of guidelines that the BFE strives to follow. They are developed by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C), the governing body of the web. These guidelines are the basis of most web accessibility laws in the world. Version 2.0 (currently in development) of these guidelines is based on four principles:

Perceivable: Available to the senses (vision and hearing primarily) either through the browser or through assistive technologies (e.g. screen readers, screen enlargers, etc.)

Operable: Users can interact with all controls and interactive elements using either the mouse, keyboard, or an assistive device.

Understandable: Content is clear and limits confusion and ambiguity.

Robust: A wide range of technologies (including old and new user agents and assistant technologies) can access the content.

The BFE is currently developing an internal policy that reflects its commitment to quality, accessibility, and relevance of CE programs. As the use of Webinars and emerging Internet technologies continues, the BFE is committed to applying the highest standards of accessibility to its website, and to the format of the courses themselves. Our webmaster is familiar with these standards, and course developers are equally devoted to the promotion and implementation of accessibility.