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The purpose of this document is threefold:

  • To facilitate communication of the BFE Principles of Diversity and Inclusion through a common language, English.
  • To lend support to BFE missions, policies and programs, which promote diversity and inclusion throughout ongoing education in the field of biofeedback.
  • To meet the current and expanded role of BFE in promoting diversity and inclusion now and in the future.

The Biofeedback Foundation of Europe, in its leadership role, will constantly strive to be a model of diversity and inclusion. The BFE Board of Directors, faculty, staff, students and members, therefore, must resemble the diversity that is so proudly reflected in the breadth of the Foundation’s international involvement.

Diversity and inclusion are critical components of success in a global context and in an ever changing world. The Biofeedback Foundation of Europe’s ability to promote effective inclusion practices is necessary to fulfill our mission and to the quality of the biofeedback education system.

The BFE’s value of diversity is embedded in respect and appreciation of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, nationality, physical abilities, age, sexual orientation, behaviors and perspectives of each individual. To be inclusive is to collectively utilize the unique talents and perspectives from the diverse array of individuals that constitute the biofeedback education community and its partners. Thus, the Biofeedback Foundation of Europe believes it should reflect its representation in the population and the communities which it will serve. Diversity within faculty, members, researchers, and educators will play a critical role in the professional development of a culturally competent field for the future.

The Biofeedback of Europe strongly endorses the continuous use of practices that achieve excellence through diversity and inclusion.