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The Biofeedback Federation CIC is a community interest company based in the UK dedicated to increasing awareness about the benefits of biofeedback and providing education, training and certification to professionals. It is entirely supported by revenues generated in its online shop, through sponsorships and donations. Thank you for your support!
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INTRODUCTION TO NEUROFEEDBACK Presenter: Ingrid Valentin In Belgium, neurofeedback is uncommon and new. This means that almost every day, I’m explaining to someone what neurofeedback is: to children, to their parents, to potential clients, but also to their psychiatrist or physician. This webinar is open to anyone who would like to understand more about neurofeedback and does not require previous knowledge. Are you just curious? Are looking to become a client or to collaborate with a neurofeedback clinic? Are you looking to add neurofeedback to your practice? This webinar will answer your most basic questions about neurofeedback. It explains the basics of neurofeedback: you’ll find simple and clear definitions that will allow you to understand and be able to explain what ...
NEUROSCIENCE APPLIED TO TOP ATHLETES Presenter: Eugenio Lizama In this webinar it will be possible to know the work done with elite athletes.The focus of the presentation will contemplate the work with a world elite MotoGP rider, applying Biofeedback and Neurofeedback techniques to improve sports performance, focused on managing pressure and making decisions under pressure. Finally, the relevance and similarity of certain parameters that elite athletes possess and that can be extended to the general population will be shown, especially for those who wish to enhance their own abilities or improve health and well-being. All views expressed in the recording are solely those of the presenters and participants. Learning Objectives: Know a general model of work with ...
A NEW ERA FOR MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSES: THE ROLE OF QEEG-NEUROMARKERS WEBINAR RECORDING Presenter: Antonio Martins-Mourao, PhD Mental health care is undergoing one of its most important paradigmatic shifts since Emil Kraepelin’s pioneering work on diagnostic categories as far back as the late XIX century. Alternatively to the traditional and subjective classification of symptoms, an emerging group of clinicians may now investigate and identify objective brain biomarkers to explain the root causes of their patients’ mental health issues, with significant impact on patient engagement. Secondly, many clinicians are now more interested on the role of developmental factors in the emergence of mental health conditions. This is based on robust evidence suggesting the impact of earl...
HEART BREATH MIND TRAINING WEBINAR RECORDING Presenter: Leah Lagos, PsyD In the Heart Breath Mind Training webinar, you will learn a scientifically proven, safe, natural way to increase your HRV and rewire your body’s baseline stress response to perform at your peak level of ability despite pressure or dis- traction. This is a revolutionary approach to stress management that aims not just to tame your stress but to master it. Through 10 weeks of systematically training your heart, you will train your body to engage in a reflex that helps you tighten and rebalance the way your autonomic nervous system responds during moments of challenge and stress. You will not only perform better, but you will also be healthier. The objective of today’s presentation is to teach you how to ...
SESSION 2 IMPLEMENTING REMOTE NEUROFEEDBACK MODALITIES Presenter: Linda Walker, PhD Duration: 3:00 hours Mobile, distance or remote neurofeedback therapy has long presented a viable intervention for many needs, but embracing this way of connecting with clients presents challenges for helping professionals – even those who are accustomed to meeting online or conducting therapy via a distance. COVID-19 has driven may therapists to re-evaluate this option. There’s no doubt that being able to connect with your trainee in the office, face-to-face, offers powerful opportunities. Yet even beyond our present world of coping with a pandemic, remote therapy has many benefits. Individuals with chronic illnesses, such as epilepsy, fibromyalgia, cognitive decline or chronic pain can b...
Displaying 11 to 15 (of 239 new products) Result Pages: [<< Prev]   1  2  3  4  5 ...  [Next >>]