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The Biofeedback Federation CIC is a community interest company based in the UK dedicated to increasing awareness about the benefits of biofeedback and providing education, training and certification to professionals. It is entirely supported by revenues generated in its online shop, through sponsorships and donations. Thank you for your support!
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Presenter: Ingrid Valentin

In Belgium, neurofeedback is uncommon and new. This means that almost every day, Iím explaining to someone what neurofeedback is: to children, to their parents, to potential clients, but also to their psychiatrist or physician. This webinar is open to anyone who would like to understand more about neurofeedback and does not require previous knowledge. Are you just curious? Are looking to become a client or to collaborate with a neurofeedback clinic? Are you looking to add neurofeedback to your practice? This webinar will answer your most basic questions about neurofeedback. It explains the basics of neurofeedback: youíll find simple and clear definitions that will allow you to understand and be able to explain what neurofeedback is all about.

All views expressed in the recording are solely those of the presenters and participants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding what an EEG is
  • Being able to explain what neurofeedback is and isnít
  • Discovering therapeutic applications of neurofeedback
  • Discovering the principles of QEEG-based neurofeedback

About Ingrid Valentin

Ingrid Valentin is a certified Neurofeedback practitioner and is finishing her Masterís degree in Clinical Psychology. She holds diplomas in Applied Psychology, Childrenís Psychology, and Medical Neuroscience.

During her studies, Ingrid worked alongside leading neurofeedback clinicians and researchers in the national and international scene. She learned from Dr. Robert Thatcher, Prof. Dr. Kropotov, Dr. Jay Gunkelman, Dr. Anabel Gonzalez, Dr. Paul Swingle among others.

Along with Philippe Pascal, Ingrid then co-founded NeuroVP, a Belgian and Dutch company that now has 6 offices and a remote neurofeedback branch. They provide neurofeedback therapy, QEEG research, and QEEG and neurofeedback trainings in Dutch, French, English and Spanish. In her clinical practice, Ingrid has extensive experience with symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety and learning difficulties.


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