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The Biofeedback Federation CIC is a community interest company based in the UK dedicated to increasing awareness about the benefits of biofeedback and providing education, training and certification to professionals. It is entirely supported by revenues generated in its online shop, through sponsorships and donations. Thank you for your support!
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Instructors: Luciana Lorenzon & Santiago Brand, MSc (c), BCN, BCB, HRV

This home study class provides 10-hours of education designed to provide introductory knowledge of theory and practice in the field of Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG). This class will be led by expert instructors with extensive experience in QEEG research and clinical applications. Participants will be better equipped to utilize QEEG technology in clinical practice, research, and neurofeedback training.

This class covers 10-hours of education provided through recorded lessons and required reading materials.
Upon completion of purchase, click the green download button to receive a document with information on how to access the recordings.

Note: All views expressed in the sessions are solely those of the presenters and participants and not those of the BFE.

Lesson 1 – QEEG: Evolution and Neuroanatomical Insights (Luciana)
Lesson 2 – EEG Montages: Technical Instrumentation and Principles (Santiago)
Lesson 3 – Artifacts, Technical Principles, QEEG Insights (Santiago)
Lesson 4 – QEEG and Psychopharmacology: A comprehensive Overview (Luciana) – available Feb 28
Lesson 5 – QEEG: Research Ethics and Professional Conduct (Luciana) – available Feb 28

Stand Alone Class
This class represents a step towards acquiring the skills and credentials of professionals in the field of neurophysiology and brain mapping.

Class as Part of QEEG Certification Process
For participants wishing to pursue QEEG Certification through the (International QEEG Certification Board), this class provides 10-hours of accredited education. Participants must successfully complete a questionnaire administered online upon completion of the class.

The remaining 30-hours of training is provided as an in-person workshop that requires registration/attendance at the BFE 22nd Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia – April 8-13, 2024. (The onsite component is required for certification.) Participants must successfully complete a questionnaire administered online after the conference.

To pursue the certification process with the IQCB, participants must follow these steps:
1) Master the 10-hour introductory component of the course and successfully complete an online questionnaire.
2) Attend all 5 days of the onsite workshop and successfully complete a questionnaire administered online after the conference.
3) When both questionnaires have been completed and passed, participants can proceed with additional steps required by the IQCB (International QEEG Certification Board) for certification.

Link to IQCB

Note: All views expressed in the sessions are solely those of the presenters and participants and not those of the BFE.


About the Instructors:

Luciana Lorenzon is a Clinical Psychologist, Psychotherapist. Certified instructor for BFE and BCIA mentor for Neurofeedback. Qeeg Diplomat and provider of Didactic Training recognized by the International QEEG Certification Board (IQCB). Founder of CINB Centro Italiano di Neurofeedback e Biofeedback and member of the International Liasons of the Applied Psycophysiology Education (Aped) program. As the head of the biofeedback and neurofeedback service at ISmerian, Institute of Regenerative Medicine and Anti-Aging in Treviso, her current focus involves complex assessment methods combining QEEG brain imaging with holistic health and nutritional bioclinical analysis in diagnosing and treating mental disorders, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of biofeedback, neurofeedback and lifestyle modifications. She is responsible for the Psychophysiology unit of the BFE Center of Excellence “Medicina e Sviluppo” in Treviso, Italy where she combines applied neuroscience with cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness. She worked as a Clinical Psychologist and Neuropsychologist in a rehabilitation and research center for diagnostic and treatment of children and adult with a wide range of difficulties including adhd, autism, concussion/brain injury, depression and anxiety. In her clinical practice, she has successfully treated patients with a wide variety of conditions using QEEG-based diagnosis, biofeedback and neurofeedback. Her current focus includes a more complex assessment approach that combines functional brain imaging (qEEG) techniques and “omics” strategies in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders and the effectiveness of the combination of Biofeedback, Neurofeedback and lifestyle modifications. She is a member of the Board of Directors of SINQ (Italian Society of Neurofeedback and qEEG).

Santiago Brand, BCN, BCB, QEEGDL is the founder and director of MindLab Neuroscience Consulting in Singapore. Santiago is a clinical and sport psychologist board certified in qEEG brain mapping, biofeedback and neurofeedback. He is an educational instructor for InMindOut centers in the United States and faculty member at the “Learn From The Best ” program of the Biofeedback Federation of Europe (BFE). Santiago is a scientific advisor for iMediSync in South Korea, NEUROWYZR in Singapore and 180 Sanctuary in Thailand. Santiago has 15 years of experience working with sports and peak performance and he has lectured in 20 countries. Santiago has been interviewed in multiple media outlets including CNN as well as being a frequent guest host in the NueroNoodle Podcast and the How To Live Podcast.


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